The graduate programs in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MSN) were established “the first trans-disciplinary graduate program in Turkey” with 4 students in 2007, since then the programs became very popular and attracted Turkey’s  best students. As December 2015, the number of student reached a record high value, 110 from 13 nationalities. Professor Bayindir was the deputy director of MSN between 2007 and 2013, and director of the programs  between 2013-2015.

Current research in nanoscience and nanotechnology requires an advanced knowledge in materials science and involves design and fabrication of novel and functional nanostructures. The graduate program in MSN is an interdisciplinary study and aims to develop researchers who can pursue outstanding and creative research in the diverse fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, such as nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine; atomic scale imaging; nano and microelectronics; nanotextile; nanophotonics; femtosecond lasers; spintronics; advanced materials design and manufacturing of nanofibers; nanotribology, hydrogen economy and solar energy, etc. The graduate program provides an in depth understanding of materials in nanometer scale and present an excellent training starting from the quantum theory of matter and quantum statistical thermodynamics. The graduate courses to be taken by the students have to focus on his/her thesis work.

Multi-disciplinary MSN program is designed to encourage the students to gain expertise in a broader view towards developing ideas at the interface of physical/chemical, life sciences as well as engineering. The program provides the students an opportunity to work across disciplines and to develop a common language between different scientific backgrounds. This enhances the students’ ability towards problem solving and generation of novel ideas. An important aspect of our diverse education is to foster the ground for interaction of students at different levels and to encourage team work.

MSN graduates continue their careers at world’s leading universities or start industrial careers at high tech companies. Thanks to the world class education provided at UNAM, our alumni are well sought after in academia and industry.

MSN PhD alumni

MSN MS alumni

[ From UNAM Annual Report 2014 ]