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Digital photonic nose: Artificial olfaction technologies 

Did you ever measure a smell? Can you tell whether one smell is just twice strong as another? Can you measure the difference between two kinds of smell and another? It is very obvious that we have very many different kinds of smells, all the way from the odour of violets and roses up to asafetida. But until you can measure their likeness and differences, you can have no science of odour. If you are ambitious to find a new science, measure a smell.
Alexander Graham Bell, 1914 

Recently, we introduced a novel optoelectronic nose (digital photonic nose) which utilizes an array of infrared transmitting hollow core photonic band gap fibers for detection of several volatiles. The fibers in the array have distinct transmission bands depending on their photonic crystal structures. Transmission band of half of the fibers were selected to roughly cover the major absorption peaks of volatile organics. Transmission bands of the other fibers were selected in the fingerprint region where all molecules have various special absorption peaks. This cross-responsive sensor array enables detection and discrimination of large numbers of volatiles by mimicking the mammalian olfactory system.

Research highlights:

Fahri Emre Öztürk won MRS Fall best poster award
Digital photonic nose for machine olfaction
Abubakar Adamu won best poster award

Related projects:
Digital photonic nose: Detection of toxic gases by using nanostructured photonic crystal fibers
Funding Agency: TUBITAK (COST)
Funding Amount: 163,000 USD
Period: 2013-2015

Representative publications:
Bio-inspired optoelectronic nose with nanostructured wavelength scalable hollow-core infrared fibers
A. Yildirim, M. Vural, M. Yaman, and Mehmet Bayindir
Advanced Materials, volume 23, page 1263 (2011)
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News: [ Bilkent scientists devise a digital photonic nose for machine olfaction ]

Smelling in chemically complex environments: An optofluidic Bragg fiber array for differentiation of methanol adulterated beverages
A. Yildirim, F. E. Ozturk, and Mehmet Bayindir
Analytical Chemistry, volume 85, page 6384 (2013)
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