Mehmet Kanik completed his PhD and moved to MIT

Our group member Mehmet Kanik received his PhD degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. During his Ph.D. years, he always showed his enthusiasm, hard-working and his devotion to science.

In his thesis, which was titled as “Nanostructured Materials and Devices For Energy Harvesting and Sensing Applications”, he developed a new phase change mechanism of polymer piezoelectric materials, which can drastically enhance performance of such materials. He showed proof of principle, high-performance, triboelectric and piezoelectric nanoelectronic devices such as artificial skin, nano-energy-generators, chemical sensors, anthropometric artificial hand, electro-cardiac sensors. In addition to those studies mentioned above, he contributed several researches related to development of photonic band gap fibers, photoconductive nanowires, chalcogenide micro-cavity resonator arrays, conductive composite nanostructures, fiber based microfluidic channels, artificial nose and core-shell nanostructures.

Proudly, he will continue to do research at The Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT as a neuroscientist. He is focused on diverse subjects such as neurophysiological and neuromuscular interfaces, opto-genetics and mimicking neural activities such as action potential. We wish him a successful and productive career at Bioelectronics Group.